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All members are required to complete an application for membership and deposit at least $5 in savings with the credit union. This savings deposit represents the member's ownership share in the credit union itself. We offer conventional savings accounts, as well as checking, certificates of deposit (CDs), Christmas Club savings accounts, and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). Any member-owner is eligible to apply for one of our loan or credit products.

Current Savings Rates

Regular Shares, Youth Shares, Second Shares 0.05% APR 0.05% APY
IRA Shares 0.25% APR 0.25% APY
Certificates of Deposit (CD) - 6 months 0.15% APR 0.15% APY
Certificates of Deposit (CD) - 12 months 0.25% APR 0.25% APY

The Board reviews Share Certificate Rates monthly. Rates are subject to change.